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Our Process

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How We Can Help

Insurance Claims

(Hail, wind, ice, fire and water) We have a great deal of experience in dealing with insurance companies ensuring that the homeowners get their insurance-worth with all damages replaced.


We are a licensed and insured company that has years of experience in helping homeowners with streamlining the process between them and their lender. We also work with our lenders of choice that are more than willing to work with the homeowner.

Buying or Selling

We can help make any new home a dream house. If selling a home, we have a lot of experience and can assist in selecting the most suitable upgrades.

We Promise

  • Communication

    Communication is the number one root to problems during a project. Our first solution to this is daily communication and note-taking with the homeowner in person or through email. This is later translated electronically through our online Co-Construct task management system to all workers involved. The second issue is that homeowners can lack the visualization of the end product. This we solve through communicating detailed floor plans and 3D software models along with our detailed, written scope. This way we can catch design errors and make changes before the project is even started. This process has proven to cut down on wasteful loss of time and money.

  • Quality

    Quality Craftsmanship. We always strive to hold our standard high and above the norm. This is achieved by working with some of the best Craftsmen in the Twin Cities that have been vetted through and finely selected over the past ten years. We also go through the project several times per week looking for errors and corrections to assure our highest quality standards.

  • Cleanliness

    We understand that a construction project, due to the mess it generates, makes most people think twice. To hold our professionalism high, we have set up cleanliness guidelines for all our workers to follow and meet in order to treat the property and homeowner with the best of care.