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Here the options are endless, from the way the addition is constructed to the use of the newly added space to your home.

  • Full basement additions include block or poured concrete as a foundation to the structure adding not only space to your main floors but also increasing the square footage to your basement.
  • Crawl space foundation is the most common way of adding an addition to your house. While this does not add any square footage to a basement, you can save some cost on the total project.
  • Addition built on footing is another way to go. This can drastically cut the overall cost of the project or allow you to move funds around, adding other features to your home.

Through the over all process for your new addition, we can help you get a good feel for what the final product will look like with our offered 3D virtual walk through program. With our design expertise and vision, we can keep the original integrity of your home while meeting your wants.