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Since 2003

We Are A Full Service Home Builder and Remodeling Company in the Twin Cities, Minnesota

My building career began in Sweden at a very young age working alongside my grandfather helping restoring this Scandinavian classical family estate.
I was the 5th generation helping restore our family property that my great great grandfather had built for his family and generations to come.
As a young man, I later moved to America to attend The University of Minnesota. Thereafter started the continuation of my family legacy – Strole & Company LLC.

Building has been my dream and calling in life. I love my profession because I get to work with people. To watch them fulfill their dream project. I take great seriousness in it since I get to steward the plans and execute those dreams into their new reality. Seeing my homeowner’s reaction to their finished new kitchen or living space is a reward in itself and gives me great pleasure. In order to have a successful executed project and that the homeowner has a wonderful experience, I have set up a process of how we work to achieve this beautiful end product. Me and my architect plan out the project in detail alongside the homeowner. To achieve beautiful but practical design, I work closely with my architect and a friend to paint that picture showing what the homeowner couldn’t visualize. This is done through design 3D models and very detailed floor plans. These illustrations are so detailed that we will even drop furniture and decorative items in to the design to clearly visualize the new space before it is even built.

Our process and our online project management tool eliminates many future hiccups and concerns during the project. I always say it is much easier and cheaper to make changes in our floor plan during the planning process than when the project is in full execution. Therefore, if we can provide such detail in the planning stages, we save ourselves unnecessary wasted time and money. In order to later execute the project seamlessly, we do so through our online project management tool that pulls together myself, our craftsmen team, architect and client. Here access to cost, schedule, selections, drawings, and most of our important communications are stewarded. Our main goal is perfection in beauty, quality and process. A tall order but necessary

Strole and Company

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